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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Twitter beef

V_Simmons VS Blondie_4414

While everyone is cautiously trying to avoid the swine flu, they seem to not mind catching "Twitter fever"!!! Everyone from Sean "P.Diddy" Combs to Anderson Cooper has jumped on the twitter bandwagon to keep everyone up-to-date on their whereabouts, promote projects, or just get feedback from their followers.

But we all know when it comes to these social networks, it only opens the door for impersonators and haters. Nevertheless, the twitter police, also known as blogger Necole Bitchie has been calling fakes out left and right. There has been a fake Fantasia Barrino, Gabrielle Union, Keisha Knight Pulliam, Sanaa Lathan, Toccara from ANTM, and many more that the Bitchie has put in their place. Singer/Actor Ray J took it upon himself to call out one of his impersonators by twittering him as follows: @
RayJ_Norwood YO U AINT ME!!! BITCH! THIS IS A FAKE TWITTER!! STOP TRYIN TO BE ME..@itsrayj is where im at.

Yeah something about twitter makes celebrities seem real again. And the impersonators aren't the only ones getting called out. Just recently, some random chick with only a mere 152 followers has taken it upon herself to give these celebs a piece of her mind. Everyone from The View's Sherri Shepard to Daddy's Girl and Run's House star Vanessa Simmons. Blondie_4414, whose pic looks as if was altered on one of those virtual makeover sites, recently twittered Ms. Simmons saying: @V_Simmons Grow up you spoiled bitch give it a break,You can't sing,U can't dance or act what are u doing on TV anyway.

Surprisingly, Ms. Simmons replied by saying: blondie_4414 does that make u feel good ??? I hope so ...god bless u honey ...I'm blessed and I know it...u my dear need to pray.

second twitter to blondie_4414
u get what u give out....remember that ;) ....stay off my page with all that negativity ....

I'm actually shocked that she actually took time to reply to this nonsense seeing that she (along with the other twitter celebs) get hundreds of twits from real fans that would love to hear back from her. But instead she chose to reply to the negative ones.

Blondie_4414 even went on to attack Vanessa's father @RevRunWisdom who usually gives his followers daily devotionals. She twittered him by saying: @RevRunWisdom Get into your car and go shopping at Fairway supermarket in Paramus NJ and forget the advice for 2 minutes dude.

Here's another one......
RevRunWisdom Here's some advive for your the House market is down and your home needs a makeover, get a decorator.

Another beef also has gone down between Erykah Badu (@fatbellybella) and the fake Gabrielle Union. Badu (if it is her real page) got extremely outraged and upset once she found out Gabrielle was a fake. Needless to say, the fake Gabrielle no longer exists on twitter........

The killing part about twitter that I'm sure will soon be fixed is that stalkers can continue to send messages whether they are friends or if they are a follower or not. I get the feeling that will soon be stopped. It's way too open for stalkers and haters. But who doesn't love a good twitter fight every now and then?


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