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Friday, May 22, 2009

The CW is full of S@!T...Tell them I said it!

90210 stays...........Everybody Hates Chris gets axed

So it's no secret that the season finale of The Game last Friday was actually the SERIES finale. Yep the show has been cancelled. In addition to The Game getting the axe, the network also cancelled Everybody Hates Chris, a show that once received very high ratings. Which officially eliminates all of the African American shows from the network. If it weren't for Girlfriends or The Game, I would never even tune in.

It has been reported that the CW caters to mostly young, mostly female viewers. Well I'm young and I'm female so I guess the demographic they inadvertenly appeal to are "mostly young, WHITE, female viewers. That would better explain why they got rid of the shows that "mostly young, Black, female" viewers enjoy.

So they've axed three perfectly good shows from the network only to be replaced with shows like Gossip Girl and a revamped Beverly Hills 90210. Not my cup of tea, but hey. Now they are revamping Melrose Place and are introducing a show called "The Vampire Diaries." Not to say that these won't be perfectly entertaining shows, but I just find it ironic that no new Black shows are in the Fall 2009 lineup.

I hate to play the race card but it is what is.

What exactly is The CW trying to prove?

Guess they don't need 'our' viewership to survive huh?


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