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Monday, May 11, 2009

Is Naked the new Black?

O.K.....So I'm really beginning to think that in order to get my blog site to really jump off, I need to get some naked pics of myself on the Net ASAP! No, but really what is going on with these celebs? I'm sure you've already heard about the Rihanna and Cassie photos being splattered all over the web. Now either there is really some super hacker out there that has discovered the secret to get into every account imaginable or the celebs are catching "Pam Fever". Yeah, you know, it all started with Pamela Anderson years ago when her sex tapes were released and her career shot sky high. And let's not forget celebs like Ray-J and Kim Kardashian who were basically in the shadows of their already famous family members. As soon as their sex tape hits, soon after they get their own reality shows, releasing cd's, establishing perfume lines etc. Now they're both household names. Same goes for Paris Hilton....So you see where I'm going with this right?

Let's consider Cassie...

Mighty ironic that suddenly someone has allegedly 'hacked' into her account just months before her latest CD is about to drop. As soon as those pictures were released, her rumored boyfriend/boss Sean 'Diddy' Combs and choreographer, Laurie Ann Gibson where twittering about how successful the Cassie video shoot just went.

And then let's take a look at Rihanna and Chris Brown....I'm sure both their publicists have done all they could to get people to forget about their Ike and Tina moment. Nevertheless, people can't seem to live it down....So what is the one thing this couple could do for people to forget about their public quarrel???Why release nude pics of course (and a picture of Chris Brown with some pink underwear on his head)!

So now.....It is rumored that reality star, Hoopz from Flavor of Love has a sex tape that is about to resurface. Also, according to there are supposedly some nude photos of Jennifer Lopez that are about to suddenly appear too. MediaTakeout reports that apparently the same source which released the "Cassie" photos and the "Rihanna" photos also has some of "J Lo". Rumor is that all the pics came from one celebrity's social networking account - which was allegedly hacked.

Just a wild guess, but if that rumor is true about a celebrity's account being hacked and has both naked photos of Cassie and J-Lo, the only person in common I can think of between those two is none other but....Never mind. LOL

But enough of the speculations...Until everything is confirmed on how the pics were released, I'm just gonna assume that it's all for publicity. It's just too strange how they are all appearing within a two weeks time. Just strange......


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