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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ray J is pimpin' these hoes! LOL

You know, before Twitter, I always thought that in order to be a really good gossip blogger, you had to live in Hollywood.


I live in Houston, TX and all I have to do is log into my twitter account and watch these so-called celebs put all of their business in the street.

I always thought that they wanted to be so hush-hush and quiet about their personal lives. Well not anymore.........And besides when did twittering become the new text messaging???

Internet whore, oops I mean star, Tila Tequila has allegedly put it out there that she and new-found reality star/singer/actor Ray-J are officially a couple.

Now correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't it only a couple of weeks ago that Cocktail professed that 'she had love for Ray J' on the reunion of For the Love of Ray J? And didn't he say that him and Cocktail were going to make it work?

Nevertheless, Tila and Ray J have been doing a lot of sweet talking back and forth on twitter lately.

Cocktail left a threatening message towards Tila on May 4th, stating that "Tila Tequila is doin waaaayyy too much! She better fall back on that bullshit! She wish she had my man. Ray is all mine!" Yet, her 'man' is still communicating with Tila. If they were all lies, wouldn't he address that with Tequila instead of continuing to entertain her with all the "baby" messages? And on Twitter for God's sake!!! If you're gonna play your girl, do it in private!!!! Don't broadcast it on Twitter...unless your girl is secretly into that kinda thing. I'm just sayin!

Tila retaliated on Twitter in a reply to realitytvbuzz "@RealityTVBuzzz U should be askin HIM why he tweeting ME saying "I LOVE U MORE" etc....Dont blame females for being strong....xoxo"

Ray J is obviously playing them both. Just a few hours ago today Ray J told Cocktail, and I quote "Just thinkin about u baby". But only a couple of days before that, he told Tila "love u more!!!! you my future wifey"

What the hell??

Just a few minutes ago, Cocktail is continuing to claim her territory on her 'Man's" page by saying "hey love thinking about u too. I had the best time being with u Tuesday. Can't wait to be with u Saturday baby."

What's really going on here? Either they are in some twisted three way relationship where they all know about each other or this is desperate cry for attention on their parts to keep their names in the mouths of nosy bloggers like myself.

In my opinion I've always felt that when celebs do decide to put their business out in the public like this, it is a publicity stunt.

Whatever the case, I put money on it that Ray J won't end up being with either one of those skanks, I'm sorry young ladies......... LOL. Mark my words on that!


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