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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Homosexual rights vs Racial Discrimination- Is that a valid comparison? No!!!!!!!!

You know what, I'm probably not gonna be the most popular person for writing this blog, but who cares!!!!?? I don't call myself "The controversial cutie" for nothing.

I am sick and tired of the homosexual community trying to compare their struggle to legalize same sex marriage to African-Americans battle for Civil Rights.

There is absolutely no comparison. African Americans were punished because of the color of their skin. Homosexuals just want to get married and expect us to accept that as being o.k.

Miss California was punished when she didn't give the "politically correct" answer in the Miss USA pageant when Perez Hilton asked her about her views on legalizing homosexual marriages. That is her opinion!!! That is how she felt. Would we rather have a fake Miss USA who is in real life a homophobe get up there and lie about how she really feels about homosexuals? Her honest answer cost her the crown.

It's absolutely ridiculous. What this community needs to understand is that they cannot change the minds of Christians. They stand by what they truly believe in.

Homosexuals haven't been attacked by dogs, sprayed by waterhoses, denied service at restaurants, forced to sit in the back of the bus, use seperate bathrooms and water fountains, hung for whistling at someone.....the list goes on and on. We've actually been forced to live with it and accept it. However, we don't have to legalize gay marriages just to make them happy.

I'm not saying that in some cases they have been treated unfairly because of their sexual preference. I'm not at all condoning that they be beaten or killed because of who they are. But when it comes to legalizing same sex marriages, it comes down to a vote of the people to decide.

The racial discrimination against Blacks is nowhere near the battle to legalize same sex marriages. If that is the lifestyle you choose to live, you cannot force others to agree with it.

As far as Proposition 8, the people of California voted for same sex marriages not to be legalized. The proponents argued that exclusively heterosexual marriage was "an essential institution of society," that leaving the constitution unchanged would "result in public schools teaching our kids that gay marriage is okay," and that gays would "redefine marriage for everyone else."

Though I agree with this, it is not solely my opinion that counts. It is the overall voters decision. Dumbass internet skank Tila Tequila seems to think that all of this is President Obama's fault (see her ridiculous blog here ) Just goes to show how truly intelligent and informed she is.

In conclusion, I am all for people standing up for what they believe in. But in doing that, you must understand that everyone is not going to agree with you. If gay marriages were legalized, GREAT. If not, GREAT. I really don't care either way. I don't discriminate against homosexuals. If that's what makes them happy, it's all good. However, I do have my beliefs and if I don't stand for something, I'll fall for anything.


Friday, May 22, 2009

Risky business....or is it bizness or bizzness? More twitter drama.

Just when you thought it was safe to talk to a reality star on twitter, you find out they might be an imposter.

Now there have been imposters for celebrities like Usher, Ray J, and Fantasia that have recently been put on blast. Now reality stars have fakes on Twitter for God's sake.

Ebony Jones, AKA Risky from Real Chance of Love has someoone on Twitter pretending to be her. The imposter has been doing it for quite a while, posting pictures from reality star's website and making rude comments to other celebrities. The difference between her and other imposters is that she refuses to admit that she's been caught and is accusing the "real" Risky of being the fake one.

Sounds silly I know but these are the types of things that happen on Twitter all the time. Risky got so frustrated to the point that she posted a picture of herself holding up the correct Twitter page to prove that she was indeed the real Risky. She was almost pushed to the point of wanting to delete her page. Myself along with her other fans encouraged her to stay on the site and work to get the "other" Risky's page deleted. So far the the issue hasn't been resolved. is the correct Risky page if you would like to follow her.


The CW is full of S@!T...Tell them I said it!

90210 stays...........Everybody Hates Chris gets axed

So it's no secret that the season finale of The Game last Friday was actually the SERIES finale. Yep the show has been cancelled. In addition to The Game getting the axe, the network also cancelled Everybody Hates Chris, a show that once received very high ratings. Which officially eliminates all of the African American shows from the network. If it weren't for Girlfriends or The Game, I would never even tune in.

It has been reported that the CW caters to mostly young, mostly female viewers. Well I'm young and I'm female so I guess the demographic they inadvertenly appeal to are "mostly young, WHITE, female viewers. That would better explain why they got rid of the shows that "mostly young, Black, female" viewers enjoy.

So they've axed three perfectly good shows from the network only to be replaced with shows like Gossip Girl and a revamped Beverly Hills 90210. Not my cup of tea, but hey. Now they are revamping Melrose Place and are introducing a show called "The Vampire Diaries." Not to say that these won't be perfectly entertaining shows, but I just find it ironic that no new Black shows are in the Fall 2009 lineup.

I hate to play the race card but it is what is.

What exactly is The CW trying to prove?

Guess they don't need 'our' viewership to survive huh?


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A shot of bitter Tequila.....

So in more Twitter news, Tila Tequila is highly upset with her alleged baby's daddy, Ray-J. Yes, now Tila is apparently pregnant by Ray-J too. First Danger, now this crazy broad. I'm beginning to think Mr. J has a thing for exotic looking crazy women.

Tila has been making indirect comments at Ray J and his girlfriend on her Twitter page. Now in an earlier blog, I reported that Ray J appeared to be in a relationship with both Tila Tequila and Cocktail according to the posts on their Twitter pages.

Now apparently, Ray J is denying all the rumors and has been posting comments to his girlfriend apologizing for the drama that has been taking place.

Now before I go any further, I just want to say that in my opinion, I think this is all a publicity stunt for all three of them. I just find it ironic that they would choose to put all of their business on Twitter. I'm sure they have cell phones. Why don't they call each other and discuss their issues? Why is everything broadcast on damn Twitter??? The whole thing is silly but entertaining at the same time. And nosy gossip bloggers like Necole Bitchie and I continue to give them the satisfaction of writing about them.

Any who, Tila has continuously referred to Cocktail as a "contract girlfriend" (which she is) and calling her names like "dumbass trick". She then posted a video of her song "I love you" in which she dedicated to Ray J. Her Tweet stated: SOME TILA THROWBACK VIDEO...THIS IS FOR YOU RAY J...LOL...DONT BE FUCKIN WITH A BAD BITCH.
The cheesy song opens up with Tila saying,

"You know... I just wanna let you know... That I never felt ths way about anybody else... I..I..I think I love you... So don't think I'm crazy when I tell you this... But if you ever hurt me... I'll fuckin' kill you!"

Can someone say "Fatal Attraction?" Looks like he went from one Psycho Bitch to another. And like he did with Danger, he is trying to play her to the left. Also in another case of irony, there are rumors of Tila being preganant. Why does everyone want to be pregant by Ray J? And when is this guy gonna learn to use condoms????

All of them are lame if you ask me. But they're smart enough to know that if they can't get good publicity for their projects, they'll take negative publicity just to stay in the limelight... LOL

And for God's sake, can someone pleeeeeeeeeeeese tell me how Tila Tequila got famous? She has absolutely NO talent yet her name is constantly in the press. I don't get it. And she refers to herself as one of the 'baddest chicks in the game.' LMFAO. What game?

Ok. I'm done. No more blogs about lames.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pay to Play.....Literally

This morning on Radio One affiliate, 97.9 The Box in Houston, TX, Cathy Hughes (owner/founder of Radio One) called in with a desperate plea on behalf of all minority owned radio stations. She was protesting HR848, a new
performance rights act that amends federal copyright law to "grant performers of sound recordings equal rights to compensation from terrestrial broadcasters." Hughes stated that if this bill were to pass, it would be the end of minority owned stations because of their inability to afford to pay for music played on their stations.
Apparently, later on today this act will be voted on that will entitle non-commerical, broadcast radio stations whose yearly revenue does not exceed 1.25 million, to begin paying for all music played on their stations.

Now of course this may look good for the record companies financially. However, Hughes implied that if this happens, many new artists will not get fair airplay because of the lack of demand for them. In other words, know one will know who they are because radio stations will most likely not want to pay for an unestablished artist as opposed to paying for those that are established and highly requested by listeners.

In my opinion, I think its just a nasty way of getting back at African Americans in power. Hughes even stated this morning on the Mad Hatter Morning Show, that Minority stations played a huge role in the presidential election last year. She feels that this act is merely an act of retaliation by those who were not happy with the outcome of President Obama winning the election.

Although it is a good point, it will be sad to see the minority station become extinct. It touches close to home because my father once worked for a major Black station in Birmingham, and once the white owned Cox Radio came into town, they were practically forced to go out of business.

In this day and time, I hate for race to still be an issue in all of this, but sadly I still believe it is. African-Americans have waaaay to much power and many 'others' are intimidated by that.

For radio stations to have to pay artists to play their music is absolutely absurd if you ask me. That's like an advertiser telling the station to pay them to play their commercial. Free radio is free advertising for artists. Now I know the internet has destroyed their record sells, but it should not be taken out on the stations that support them!

This is absolutely ridiculous if you ask me...........


Monday, May 11, 2009

Why Cassie......Why?????

ARE YOU THAT ATTENTION DEPRIVED THAT YOU HAD TO GO AND DO SOMETHING THIS FOOLISH TO YOURSELF???? First the nude photos, now this! Hope your albums sells.......Geeeez!

I have no words. Fame makes people crazy. I'm convinced.....

Remember Britney.....

Oh and we can't forget.....
Nuff said.


Is Naked the new Black?

O.K.....So I'm really beginning to think that in order to get my blog site to really jump off, I need to get some naked pics of myself on the Net ASAP! No, but really what is going on with these celebs? I'm sure you've already heard about the Rihanna and Cassie photos being splattered all over the web. Now either there is really some super hacker out there that has discovered the secret to get into every account imaginable or the celebs are catching "Pam Fever". Yeah, you know, it all started with Pamela Anderson years ago when her sex tapes were released and her career shot sky high. And let's not forget celebs like Ray-J and Kim Kardashian who were basically in the shadows of their already famous family members. As soon as their sex tape hits, soon after they get their own reality shows, releasing cd's, establishing perfume lines etc. Now they're both household names. Same goes for Paris Hilton....So you see where I'm going with this right?

Let's consider Cassie...

Mighty ironic that suddenly someone has allegedly 'hacked' into her account just months before her latest CD is about to drop. As soon as those pictures were released, her rumored boyfriend/boss Sean 'Diddy' Combs and choreographer, Laurie Ann Gibson where twittering about how successful the Cassie video shoot just went.

And then let's take a look at Rihanna and Chris Brown....I'm sure both their publicists have done all they could to get people to forget about their Ike and Tina moment. Nevertheless, people can't seem to live it down....So what is the one thing this couple could do for people to forget about their public quarrel???Why release nude pics of course (and a picture of Chris Brown with some pink underwear on his head)!

So now.....It is rumored that reality star, Hoopz from Flavor of Love has a sex tape that is about to resurface. Also, according to there are supposedly some nude photos of Jennifer Lopez that are about to suddenly appear too. MediaTakeout reports that apparently the same source which released the "Cassie" photos and the "Rihanna" photos also has some of "J Lo". Rumor is that all the pics came from one celebrity's social networking account - which was allegedly hacked.

Just a wild guess, but if that rumor is true about a celebrity's account being hacked and has both naked photos of Cassie and J-Lo, the only person in common I can think of between those two is none other but....Never mind. LOL

But enough of the speculations...Until everything is confirmed on how the pics were released, I'm just gonna assume that it's all for publicity. It's just too strange how they are all appearing within a two weeks time. Just strange......


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ray J is pimpin' these hoes! LOL

You know, before Twitter, I always thought that in order to be a really good gossip blogger, you had to live in Hollywood.


I live in Houston, TX and all I have to do is log into my twitter account and watch these so-called celebs put all of their business in the street.

I always thought that they wanted to be so hush-hush and quiet about their personal lives. Well not anymore.........And besides when did twittering become the new text messaging???

Internet whore, oops I mean star, Tila Tequila has allegedly put it out there that she and new-found reality star/singer/actor Ray-J are officially a couple.

Now correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't it only a couple of weeks ago that Cocktail professed that 'she had love for Ray J' on the reunion of For the Love of Ray J? And didn't he say that him and Cocktail were going to make it work?

Nevertheless, Tila and Ray J have been doing a lot of sweet talking back and forth on twitter lately.

Cocktail left a threatening message towards Tila on May 4th, stating that "Tila Tequila is doin waaaayyy too much! She better fall back on that bullshit! She wish she had my man. Ray is all mine!" Yet, her 'man' is still communicating with Tila. If they were all lies, wouldn't he address that with Tequila instead of continuing to entertain her with all the "baby" messages? And on Twitter for God's sake!!! If you're gonna play your girl, do it in private!!!! Don't broadcast it on Twitter...unless your girl is secretly into that kinda thing. I'm just sayin!

Tila retaliated on Twitter in a reply to realitytvbuzz "@RealityTVBuzzz U should be askin HIM why he tweeting ME saying "I LOVE U MORE" etc....Dont blame females for being strong....xoxo"

Ray J is obviously playing them both. Just a few hours ago today Ray J told Cocktail, and I quote "Just thinkin about u baby". But only a couple of days before that, he told Tila "love u more!!!! you my future wifey"

What the hell??

Just a few minutes ago, Cocktail is continuing to claim her territory on her 'Man's" page by saying "hey love thinking about u too. I had the best time being with u Tuesday. Can't wait to be with u Saturday baby."

What's really going on here? Either they are in some twisted three way relationship where they all know about each other or this is desperate cry for attention on their parts to keep their names in the mouths of nosy bloggers like myself.

In my opinion I've always felt that when celebs do decide to put their business out in the public like this, it is a publicity stunt.

Whatever the case, I put money on it that Ray J won't end up being with either one of those skanks, I'm sorry young ladies......... LOL. Mark my words on that!


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Twitter beef

V_Simmons VS Blondie_4414

While everyone is cautiously trying to avoid the swine flu, they seem to not mind catching "Twitter fever"!!! Everyone from Sean "P.Diddy" Combs to Anderson Cooper has jumped on the twitter bandwagon to keep everyone up-to-date on their whereabouts, promote projects, or just get feedback from their followers.

But we all know when it comes to these social networks, it only opens the door for impersonators and haters. Nevertheless, the twitter police, also known as blogger Necole Bitchie has been calling fakes out left and right. There has been a fake Fantasia Barrino, Gabrielle Union, Keisha Knight Pulliam, Sanaa Lathan, Toccara from ANTM, and many more that the Bitchie has put in their place. Singer/Actor Ray J took it upon himself to call out one of his impersonators by twittering him as follows: @
RayJ_Norwood YO U AINT ME!!! BITCH! THIS IS A FAKE TWITTER!! STOP TRYIN TO BE ME..@itsrayj is where im at.

Yeah something about twitter makes celebrities seem real again. And the impersonators aren't the only ones getting called out. Just recently, some random chick with only a mere 152 followers has taken it upon herself to give these celebs a piece of her mind. Everyone from The View's Sherri Shepard to Daddy's Girl and Run's House star Vanessa Simmons. Blondie_4414, whose pic looks as if was altered on one of those virtual makeover sites, recently twittered Ms. Simmons saying: @V_Simmons Grow up you spoiled bitch give it a break,You can't sing,U can't dance or act what are u doing on TV anyway.

Surprisingly, Ms. Simmons replied by saying: blondie_4414 does that make u feel good ??? I hope so ...god bless u honey ...I'm blessed and I know it...u my dear need to pray.

second twitter to blondie_4414
u get what u give out....remember that ;) ....stay off my page with all that negativity ....

I'm actually shocked that she actually took time to reply to this nonsense seeing that she (along with the other twitter celebs) get hundreds of twits from real fans that would love to hear back from her. But instead she chose to reply to the negative ones.

Blondie_4414 even went on to attack Vanessa's father @RevRunWisdom who usually gives his followers daily devotionals. She twittered him by saying: @RevRunWisdom Get into your car and go shopping at Fairway supermarket in Paramus NJ and forget the advice for 2 minutes dude.

Here's another one......
RevRunWisdom Here's some advive for your the House market is down and your home needs a makeover, get a decorator.

Another beef also has gone down between Erykah Badu (@fatbellybella) and the fake Gabrielle Union. Badu (if it is her real page) got extremely outraged and upset once she found out Gabrielle was a fake. Needless to say, the fake Gabrielle no longer exists on twitter........

The killing part about twitter that I'm sure will soon be fixed is that stalkers can continue to send messages whether they are friends or if they are a follower or not. I get the feeling that will soon be stopped. It's way too open for stalkers and haters. But who doesn't love a good twitter fight every now and then?


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