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Friday, May 22, 2009

Risky business....or is it bizness or bizzness? More twitter drama.

Just when you thought it was safe to talk to a reality star on twitter, you find out they might be an imposter.

Now there have been imposters for celebrities like Usher, Ray J, and Fantasia that have recently been put on blast. Now reality stars have fakes on Twitter for God's sake.

Ebony Jones, AKA Risky from Real Chance of Love has someoone on Twitter pretending to be her. The imposter has been doing it for quite a while, posting pictures from reality star's website and making rude comments to other celebrities. The difference between her and other imposters is that she refuses to admit that she's been caught and is accusing the "real" Risky of being the fake one.

Sounds silly I know but these are the types of things that happen on Twitter all the time. Risky got so frustrated to the point that she posted a picture of herself holding up the correct Twitter page to prove that she was indeed the real Risky. She was almost pushed to the point of wanting to delete her page. Myself along with her other fans encouraged her to stay on the site and work to get the "other" Risky's page deleted. So far the the issue hasn't been resolved. is the correct Risky page if you would like to follow her.


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