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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

T-Pain's Jay-Z Rant: Just joking, publicity stunt owas he really angry?

O.K., I like T-Pain. I thinks he's been really innovative with his music and he can, without a doubt be credited for bringing the "computer love" sound back to the mainstream: Also known as autotune. Everyone has jumped on the bandwagon from Kanye West to Snoop Dogg. Even real singers who don't need to be auto tuned like Mariah Carey and Jamie Foxx have given in to the auto tune trend.

But apparently my boy Jay-Z is fed up with it. He feels that it has diluted hip-hop and is sick of everyone following the trend. His first single off of Blueprint 3, Death of Autotune condemns the latest fad. Jigga references T-Pain in the hit by saying: "You rappers singin' too much, get back to rap you t-painin' too much." No diss right. All he's saying is for rappers to get back to rap and stop biting T-Pain's style. At least that's how I interpreted the line. Jigga has even said in interviews that he has respect for T-Pain, Kanye and Lil Wayne for what they do and the song was not in reference to them.

Now I'm not gonna lie that did throw me off a bit. Kanye and Wayne are the two rappers out there that have completely over used the auto tune machine. But I digress....

T-Pain's "F Jay-Z Rant" at an event at Rehab in Las Vegas Labor Day weekend was completely a shocker. So much of a shocker that I thought maybe he was just joking. Rapper Fabolous wasn't too happy with the rant and expressed it via his Twitter page by saying "Not feelin the Tpain JayZ dissing....Brooklyn!"
From there the entire day on Twitter yesterday just turned into a day of T-pain dissing with a trending topic entitled #tpainbetter....Fabolous became enraged when a T-pain imposter said F him...He then went in on Pain HARD!!! It was a little too late to apologize once he found out it wasnt really the artist...

Just a bunch a mess if you ask me. I sure would like to think T-Pain was joking though.....We'll see what both artists say to the press later. You have to know this isn't over. LOL


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