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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kanye- The "asshole", the "piece of s**t", the n****r??

Wow! Since the VMA's, rapper and super producer Kanye West hasn't caught a break. He began with his apologies immediately after being dismissed from the show on his blog, and he hasn't stopped apologizing since. His publicity team is certainly under a lot of pressure right now to get this turned around in his favor. It wasnt until after Taylor Swift appeared on The View and said that she hasnt gotten a direct apology from West, that he called her and personally apologized.

Though West is known for his tantrums and random outbursts, it doesn't look like this particular outburst from West will die down anytime soon. When he pulled a similar stunt in 2006 at the MTV Europe Awards after he interrupted a group, Justice and Simian after losing in the category for Best Video, the buzz quick dissolved. During his tirade he gave a list of reasons as to why he should have won and said that by him not winning, the awards show loses its credibility. A couple of years prior to that he complained at the American Music Awards backstage for being robbed of The Best New Artist award. He made bitter comments about the winner, Gretchen Wilson, by calling her music "bullsh*t". He later apologized to the singer and the whole thing eventually blew off.

But with Taylor Swift being one of America's sweeththearts right now, and being so young, the public may not be as willing to accept another apology from West. And when the President of The United States calls you an asshole for your actions....well lets just say things aren't looking to good for Ye right now. Pink referred to him as a "piece of sh*t" on her Twitter page.

And to top it all off, there was a mysterious Twitter page called "Kanye_Nigger" that stirred up a little Twitter Controversy. The profile pic for this page had a picture of a KFC bucket of fried chicken implying the stereotype that all African Americans eat fried chicken. The argument on the page was that there isn't a color to ignorance and what Kanye did was "niggerish." Well this might be true considering the word does mean ignorant person. But nevertheless its still somewhat of a sensitive issue. Diddy complained to Twitter according to his page and shortly the page was removed.

Nevertheless, even after all of this, if Kanye continues to produce excellent music and we keep supporting him, what's the point of all the rucus? Kanye was just being Kanye.....He's done it before and he'll probably do it again. Controversy sells.

Take it from me- The Controversial Cutie :)


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