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Friday, November 6, 2009

RHOA reunion: Fake, boring and "off-key"

From wig pulling, to neck rolling, to “Who gone’ check me boo-ing” The Real Housewives of Atlanta kept us watching every Thursday with their drama filled episodes week to week. It is because of their wild and sometimes ghetto antics that their ratings are the highest of any of the Housewives.

So how is it that all of the sudden, they are all very zen and drama free come reunion time? It’s great to be friends and come together at the season’s end. But the ladies were very quiet and sometimes defensive towards their host, Andy Cohen, as he tried to get to the bottom of the season’s drama. Where was all this peace and class while the camera’s were rolling during the taping of the show?

One of the "realest" moments of the show came from the "realest" housewife Kandi as she fought to hold back tears as she discussed the passing of her ex-fiancee, A.J.

The show’s queen bee drama initiator, NeNe Leakes behavior came off very fake and vague during the reunion. It seemed as if all of the ladies got together and made an agreement to not answer any questions during the reunion for whatever reason. However, something was definitely behind their behavior.

Kim Zolciak came off very defensive as Andy asked her questions about her alleged illness, her hair, and her disagreements with NeNe. After she finished her horrid, off-key, off-rhythm performance of “Tardy for the Party,” all of the ladies coincidentally told Andy that the performance was “fun” and that they enjoyed it. When Andy asked NeNe if she still felt the same way about Kim’s singing she simply responded by saying “It doesn’t matter.” Well NeNe, here’s a word to the wise, your opinion NEVER really mattered! Yet throughout the season you felt the need to voice it. So where was all that spunk during the reunion?

Could it be the negative response towards NeNe got to the tough skinned diva? Is it possible that perhaps she has taken a look in the mirror?

Even Dwight brought it to their attention that they were being boring by not answering questions. The ladies then became a little defensive against him. The whole thing was fake and pointless. No questions got answered and none of the little insignificant quarrels were addressed.

I’m starting to believe that there is nothing “Real” about these Housewives (except Kandi Burruss). The whole show is a drama filled hoax to keep us watching. They all love each other now, but when the cameras start rolling next season, the hate will magically appear for ratings sake.

In the words of Bravo “Watch what happens next…..”



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