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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Just Brittany: Dancing her way to the top of the music charts

If Beyonce was right when she said “a diva is the female version of a hustla,“ then R&B songstress, Just Brittany is definitely just that-A Diva.
The 20 year old, beauty was prompt for her Indy Magazine interview at 10:30 a.m. after getting off from her main job as a dancer at High Rollers Gentlemen’s Club at 5 a.m in the morning.

It’s no secret what Brittany does for a living and she is not ashamed to admit what she does. “I dance at night, in the studio during the day, doing what I got to do to get up out the game cause I’ve been dancing for over a year now,” Brittany shared about her current profession. Being an independent artist pushing your music isn’t easy, nor cheap, which is why Brittany remains in the industry she is in to pay for her dream “I really want to do music and so I’m dancing because I’m trying to raise the money to pay for what I have to pay for to get out of it…until then I will just continue dancing.”

A little over a year ago, Brittany says that she’d never stepped foot into a strip club until after a bad breakup with an ex. She says before then, the idea of dancing never crossed her mind. “I just walked in the club and I was just out of my mind and stressed over a past relationship so I (went) home and got some clothes, came back and just danced.”

Nevertheless, it’s always been a dream of Brittany’s to get into the music industry. It wasn’t until a year ago that she started taking her dream more seriously.

Shortly after she began dancing, she ran into promoter and artist C-Moe at a local beauty supply store selling his Cds. She admits that she has never been interested in buying cds off of the street, but after some influence from C-Moe, she gave in and purchased it. She was very impressed by what she heard. “His voice is amazing. I’ve never heard a man that can sing that good.” After a week of trying to contact C-Moe by calling the number listed on the cd she purchased, he finally gave her a call back. “He told me that he writes music and I told him I wanted to get with him and work with him and we’ve been together ever since then.”

Her first single, “Call me for that Good,“ written by The Narrators, has the potential to be a certified hit and top ring tone seller. The video, which can be found on YOUTUBE, is even hotter. The GO Djs, 90.3 Radio Hit List, and her manager, C-Moe have been pushing her single on a regular basis. At the time of my interview with her, her primary goal was to make it to Houston’s big hip-hop station, 97.9 The Box. “97.9 is so political, it’s more that what people think it is,” She explained about getting her song on the radio. “A lot of people have been asking why my song isn’t on the radio yet but everybody just thinks you make a song and it gets on the radio, it’s not like that. It’s very political.”

Well the votes are in and politics definitely worked in her favor. The station’s radio personalities expressed their interest in the song a few month's ago. Now, Brittany's song has peaked at #2 on 97.9's countdown. Her next single will be a cover of the 80’s hit “Mercedes Boy” originally performed by Pebbles. “If you were to hear my music you wouldn’t know it was me. It’s pop, rock, R&B, hip-hop and rap. It’s just everything mixed together in one. I’m just so excited to let the world hear what I have to offer and I know I’ll be taking over all the radio stations.”

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For booking info and more information please contact her manager C-Moe at 281-802-8222


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