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Then there was Necole Bitchie.......


Friday, April 17, 2009

I've only just begun....(evil laughter)

Nice pic to the left huh? I posted it there as a symbolization of who my friends always compare me to-Carrie Bradshaw the quirky-but-cute freelance writer from Sex and the City. Yes, I know she's just a character, but she is me (just a white version.)
For years I've been writing blogs for fun on Myspace and Facebook. I even served as an entertainment journalist for a newspaper. During that time, I was also offered my own radio talk show. Because of my racy topics, I was dubbed as being "controversial." So I came up with a cute little name for myself: A.D. The Controversial Cutie. LOL. Sounded silly at first but the name really stuck and that is how many people back home in Birmingham, Alabama refer to me.
Anyway, I've been told that I needed to start my own blog site. Money wouldn't permit me right now to have one of those fancy sites like Perez Hilton or Necole Bitchie. Therefore, I'm starting here. I gotta start somewhere right?
I will touch on everything from relationships, to celebrity gossip to the ridiculous things that go on on reality shows.
Now keep in mind that I am very, VERY blunt. I tell it like it is and I stand behind it. So if you don't like the truth, stay away from this site. Although I'm sure you won't because I know how much people love mess!!!!! LOL.
Smooches. I shall return.


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